How it started

Hi!!  My name is Kim and I’m here to blog about our homesteading journey!  This journey began when my husband and I bought a small farm in our home state of Kentucky a couple of years ago…and by small, I mean 47 acres! Okay, maybe small isn’t the “correct” terminology😊 Along with the farm land came a large barn with 10 stalls, 3 fenced paddocks with shelters, 2 ponds with pumps to supply water to all the paddocks……it was the perfect set up for a farm, right? Even with our two dogs and three cats, the little farm was just crying out for life!! So what do two people brand new to farming do with ALL OF THIS SPACE? Dive in with both hands….and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet!

For starters, we purchased some dairy cattle…not a huge herd but a bred mini jersey cow named “Frosty” and a mini jersey bull calf named “Rootbeer”. So…to sum this up…without ever having any experience with livestock or milking an animal, we now had a cow with extremely full udders and a calf to bottle feed and raise. Let the adventures begin😊

Milking a cow takes some time to learn how to do it properly, but trust me! It CAN be learned and the bond you develop with an animal you are touching intimately on a daily basis is just miraculous. It took me probably 2 months to be able to milk Frosty in an efficient amount of time. I can milk her in about 40 min start to finish. Thats a great improvement from the 2 hours it took me in the beginning! Not to mention the milk that ran down my hand dripping onto the ground instead of my bucket…it takes times to get the hang of it….but the rewards are so worth it! Raw milk has become a passion of mine. The cheeses, butter, and the creaminess of the milk alone far exceeds the stuff you can buy on the shelf in a store. Ill be posting how to make butter, cheese, etc and will add pictures to guide you. Frosty is due to calf soon and ill also keep you updated on her progress along with pictures as she gets closer to delivery! This is our first calving experience and I definitely want to share it with you!! So stay tuned….

Ill also be posting on gardening! We plan on growing our own vegetables this year and ill be talking about what works, what doesnt work, canning, and maybe even some recipes. Im also going to grow an herb garden. The thought of being able to use fresh herbs and spices in my foods that are all natural and that i can just pick right out my back door gets me really excited! Ill dry some out as well so i will have them on hand during the cold months as well😊

And then, there is this newest passion of mine…essential oils!! Ive been taking a class on essential oils and I’ve gotta admit….Im intrigued and amazed…so much so that Im going to start incorporating them into our daily lives. Ill be blogging on which oils i use and how they work! Ive got some recipes ill share and will also be diving into the world of homemade soaps and cleaners using fresh raw milk and essential oils. So exciting!!!

We will be adding other animals to our little homestead so we can raise our meat. This spring, we will start with a couple of lambs and maybe a small steer. But don’t worry! I will be sure to post blogs and pictures as it happens so you will always be up to date. By blogging on the progress of our little homestead, maybe you, my viewers, can find out what it takes if you want to get into homesteading and maybe even essential oils! Homesteading itself isnt for everyone, though, and some of the topics ill be touching on can be helpful to anyone! Feel free to email me questions!